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WARNING - cyberbullying!

Cyberbullying is bullying and harassment using digital technology. On social media, messaging apps, gaming platforms, and cell phones.

These are repetitive episodes that aim to scare, anger or embarrass those being harassed.

  • Spreading false information or obscene pictures about someone on social media;

  • Sending abusive messages or threats through messaging platforms;

  • Impersonating another person and sending obscene messages on their behalf.

When bullying is happening online, it can feel like you are being attacked everywhere and that there is no escape. These feelings can affect a person in many different ways:

  • Mentally - you feel frustrated, embarrassed, stupid, even angry

  • Emotionally - you feel ashamed or lose interest in the things you love

  • Physically - you feel tired (loss of sleep) or have symptoms such as stomach aches and headaches

In extreme cases, cyberbullying can even lead to death.

Everyone can be affected by cyberbullying, especially children! It is abuse. Be aware of it. Talk to your children about it.

There is no shame in complaining to a social media administrator about inappropriate messages, talk to someone you trust, or call the help line.


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