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We are a team of like-minded people, confident in the future of humanism and social justice.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with excellent education, social work experience, and personal life experience.


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Riga, Latvia

Nadezhda Barodzich

A graphic designer by profession. Has two sons.


"I faced violence and co-dependence in my life, but found the strength to overcome and survive these difficulties. Knowing how not easy it is to be in a difficult situation, how difficult it is to pull myself out of the swamp alone, without support, I want to help other people who are in a difficult situation."

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Riga, Latvia

Maksims Barodzich

Maksim brings expertise in big data and managing large-scale projects. He is an active volunteer and a member of various NGOs that support victims of repression, war, and human rights abuses. Maksim is committed to using technology for good and making a positive impact in the world. Riga, Latvia.

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Chester, UK

Anastasia Tilston

A creative entrepreneur, a passionate supporter of the arts, and a keen explorer of human psychology, Anastasia has a strong belief that all of us can make a difference. 


"I do what I can when I can, but this is something any of us can offer. If every human on the planet took their time to do at least one kind thing every day, we would not be facing such severe injustice, starvation, and abuse on a daily basis. Make love, not war." 

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Paris, France

Katerina Semenova

Hi, I'm Kat Semenova. Ex-model who made a tour around the globe several times, a certified art historian, PR director of the private collection of the Russian impressionist Pavel Chmaroff, a social activist, and a donator. 

"Violence has happened to me several times. The last time it happened in Belarus at the hands of my sister's husband with threats to throw me in jail for being active during the 2020 protests on social media. I had to leave the territory of the country within 24 hours and exhaled only in the Duty-Free zone of Sheremetyevo airport. After the incident, I suffered from panic attacks and worked with a psychologist for a long time! Terrible things that are not yet punishable by law... I hope we all can change the world together! A healthy psyche means good performance, great body shape, and a smile that makes this world a kinder place."

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Riga, Latvia

Nataly Osovska

Education in economics and finance. Participated in the organization and launching of an International School in Riga. Has organized and owned a “Home school” in Riga.


Active civic mindedness - participation and activity in the Latvian opposition political party.


Currently I am fully focused on helping people by doing yoga classes with the methods of yoga-therapy and help people to achieve psychological comfort through professional regression sessions.

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Hamburg, Germany

Denis Silin

Engineer. Data Collect, Analysis & Visualization, AI Engineer.

Forced emigrant.

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