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Homelessness is an issue that has a serious impact on many people's lives. There are many causes that can lead to homelessness, including loss of employment, drug addiction, domestic violence, divorce or family conflict, lack of housing and high rental costs, mental health problems, alcohol dependency, etc.


Homelessness can lead to many consequences which include poverty, illness, violence and exploitation, drug and alcohol problems, problems accessing health care, education and employment, and social exclusion and inequality.

However, people facing homelessness should not feel alone or helpless. At #SRNT, people facing homelessness can find many resources that can help them find help and support quickly. Information on homeless shelter, food, medical care, showers and other social services.

The #SRNT will also offer information on how to rebuild life after homelessness, including finding a job, getting an education, re-entering the community and reconnecting with loved ones. All of these can help people facing homelessness feel they have opportunities and hope for a better future.

Homelessness is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive approach to tackle it. At #SRNT, people can find the resources they need to quickly find the support and help they need to start a new life.

In addition, #SRNT can help increase awareness of the problem and raise public consciousness about the need to combat homelessness. This can lead to increased funding and the creation of new programmes and resources to provide housing, jobs and other services for people experiencing homelessness. Social projects and programmes that address the problem can also be promoted. All of these can help prevent new cases of homelessness and improve the lives of those who are already in this situation.


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