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Who are they? ABUSIVE PEOPLE

Domestic violence stems from a desire to gain and maintain power and control over a partner. Abusers believe they have the right to control and limit their partner's life, often either because they believe their own feelings and needs should take priority in the relationship or because they enjoy the power that such abuse gives them. Alcohol and drugs only exacerbate this, but are not the cause.

In most cases, these are people with abusive behaviors - these are people with learned attitudes from childhood, people who have been abused or watched it at home or on the street. These are victims of abuse! They need help, too.

Everyone is capable of change, but it takes a meaningful commitment to all aspects of change.

The hardest step is admitting the problem. Unfortunately, most people with abusive behavior don't want to do that. Perhaps one reason is a lack of public awareness? In many countries information about helping and working with such people is not on the surface.

Working with such people is very important. Greater awareness that abusive behavior can be defeated is another step toward reducing future recurrences of domestic violence. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship free of abuse, including those who may engage in abusive behavior.

Did you know that abusers get help too?


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