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Five forms of domestic violence.

Physical / Sexual / Psychological / Emotional / Economic


Inflicting or attempting to inflict physical injury. Denying access to resources necessary to maintain health, such as: medication, medical care, wheelchair, food or fluids, sleep, hygiene assistance. Compulsion to use alcohol or other drugs.


Coercion to have any sexual contact without consent. Example: marital rape, acquaintance rape, being forced to have sex after being physically beaten, fondling, sodomy, sex with other people. Attempting to undermine the victim's sexuality example: treating him/her in a derogatory sexual manner, criticizing sexual characteristics and desirability, accusing him/her of infidelity, refusing to have sex.


Attempt to instill fear For example: intimidation, threatening to physically harm oneself, the victim and/or others, threatening to harm and/or kidnap children, threats, blackmail, stalking, destruction of pets and property, mind games, stalking. Isolation of the victim from friends, family, school and/or work, such as: deprivation of access to telephone and/or transportation, undermining the victim's personal relationships, constant "checking in", constant escorts, use of unfounded accusations, violent imprisonment.


Undermining or attempting to undermine the victim's sense of self-worth example: constant criticism, belittling of the victim's abilities and competence, name-calling, insults, humiliation, silent treatment, manipulation of the victim's feelings and emotions to induce guilt, undermining the partner's relationship with the children, constant promises and breaking them.


Attempt to make the victim financially dependent. For example: total control over financial resources, including the victim's earned income or resources, withholding money, prohibiting the victim from working, demanding a report and justification for all money spent, forcing the victim to cheat, withholding information about family accounts for which the victim is responsible to pay.


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