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Support for mothers

Becoming a young mother can be a very rewarding as well as a challenging experience. It is very important to recognize the importance of supporting young mothers and provide them with help as early as possible.

The positive effects of such support go far beyond the individual and have a significant impact on our society.

Prompt and accessible information support for young mothers can lead to a range of positive outcomes. It helps to relieve the stress and emotional burden of early motherhood and enables women to take better care of themselves and their children. With the right support, young mothers can form closer bonds with their children, laying the foundation for healthy relationships and positive development.

When a young mom faces challenges, she can find help and support through the #SRNT app.

By prioritizing support for young mothers, we are investing not only in the well-being of individuals and families, but also in the strength and resilience of our communities.

It's a collective effort that contributes to a more inclusive, compassionate and stronger society.


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